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candidates Mar 14, 2019


I read everything you send out because although I am a senior recruiter, I still find myself learning. I have a question pertaining to candidate control and I am looking for a "Danny-ism". I am having an inordinate number of candidates simply vanish and it is happening at each phase of the process. Part of it I can blame on the geography, the rest of the responsibility is mine for not establishing the ground rules up front. I am certain, the candidate is passing on the opportunity, or they would be calling me. I need to control my candidates better to provide appropriate feedback to my clients. What soon-to-be-famous Danny-ism would you use to reduce the number of AWOL candidates?


Danny's response:

People do things for their own reasons. Candidates vanish because they feel:


  1. You are going to pressure them.
  2. Now that they have met the company you have no other value.


They see no reason to keep you in the loop.


So when they go out on the...

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