I Hate Salesmen

rookies Dec 05, 2018

Hi Danny,

I hate salesmen. I don’t want to be a “salesman”. Yet I got into sales because when I believe in something, I can sell it easily. And for years people told me I would be a good salesman. I’m not bad. I can close. But I’m not great. I want to be great! Right now I’m 3 months into my new career in recruiting. I have closed 3 deals in 2.5 months. I have no recruiting experience prior to 3mo ago. I want to last. I’m working a niche in senior care recruiting medical executives.
My goal is to be billing at least 200k my 1st year. My question(s) to you is:

For someone who has never recruited but has the personality to headhunt, what are some daily habits that will bring me up to par with top billers?

Should I learn their medical jargon?
Should I learn every aspect I can of their industry (because I don’t know much)?
Should I be making more than 100 calls a day?
Have you had rookies, who have never recruited, bill more than 200k their...

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