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metrics Aug 13, 2018

Hi Danny,

What activities and metrics are average for retained search? We're a retained firm and so many of the metrics you track don't make sense for our model (i.e. Sendouts). Still, retained firms must track their productivity. What should we track and what are the averages in a good economy and in one such as this?


Danny's response,

About half of our work is also retained, and the only difference in metrics we allow for is the length of the process. The higher level jobs are going to take longer and usually have more meetings. (Flying in a spouse to look at real estate and schools, meeting the entire management team a second time, etc.) So we expect a sendout to placement range to be 25-33% longer. We also expect the presentation to send out ratio to be practically 100%, since neither you nor the company have any motivation to present or interview a candidate that is marginal. (Whereas in contingent, we often do so to protect ourselves). The makeup of a recruiter's "hot...

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