How About a Couple More Interviews?

candidate Apr 16, 2019


We recruited a candidate who wants to interview at a "few places" before he/she makes a decision. We have only rolled out one job opportunity so far and have not submitted to client yet...any ideas how to handle this request?

Danny's response:

You need to determine whether your candidate's primary decision making is External or Internal. No one is entirely one or the other, but we all have a dominant mode. An external candidate makes decisions based on what he/she can measure, what do they gain, versus what do they lose. In the course of qualifying, you should be able to intuit this: an external person is always asking about compensation, the job location, the benefits... "If I make the move what do they give me that I don't have?"

If you determine your candidate is dominant External, you appeal to their logic and their fear of loss.

"Of course we can wait for other interviews. But you need to understand the risks. The company will continue to interview as well. If you...

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