Are We Bound By the Compensation Law in Massachusetts?

legal Jun 14, 2019


As 3rd party recruiters, will we be bound by the law in Massachusetts, which now prohibits employers from asking a candidate what their compensation is (prior to an offer being made)?


Danny's response:

While I have no doubt what starts in Massachusetts will become the way it is throughout the land, (that whole Boston Tea Party thing seemed to catch on like wildfire back in the day), and at first blush it freaks recruiters out.


For those reading this who don’t know, a bill was passed making it illegal for employers to ask candidates about their current salary before offering them a job. (See article here.) It is a well-intentioned law, however misguided and proof positive that politicians lack real-world biz experience, to create pay equality. The new law will require employers to state a compensation figure up front.


In the real world, of course, this can get messy.


  • People can volunteer their salaries, so will this create gamesmanship and...
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