Are They Still A Client?

ethics Jun 12, 2018

Hi Danny,

Here's the scenario:
Over a 10 year period or so I have made about 8-10 placements with Company A. Recent history is 1 in 2009 and 2 in 2008. The last one was in December 2010, and prior to that was January 2010. Nothing since then. I still keep in touch with my contact periodically who says no needs. I do believe that if they had a search to give out I would get it.

In your opinion, am I at a point where I'm clear to recruit from them?

Danny's response,

We could go all macro and mystical with this answer. We could talk about how technology has had a corrosive effect on the already scintilla short attention span of Americans. How we don’t so much forgive the transgressions of our politicians (Spitzer lecturing on ethics on TV) and celebrities (Limbaugh assailing anyone’s morals), Tiger Woods no longer being catcalled on the tee (it’s been 2 years after all), Charlie Sheen back on primetime, as much as we just flat out don’t remember. According to...

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