How Much Phone Time?

numbers & ratios Nov 27, 2018

Hi Danny,

It’s a phone business! I have heard that so many times in my first 2 years as a recruiter.

My boss is an old school recruiter. He isn't a dinosaur or anything. We email people, text them, use LinkedIn, cyber hack the internet to download resumes etc. However his advice to me always centers around getting on the phone.

I've got the job orders and plenty to work on. I feel increasing my volume of communication to potential candidates is the key to my desk taking off to the next level.

Don't get me wrong, I agree to a certain degree about the need to get on the phone. When I need candidates I call my bird dogs, call candidates I know and leverage my network. The thought of cold calling resumes or cold calling a company phone directory scares me. I have tried it and gotten little to no results. Does anyone return a cold voicemail anymore or pick up the phone when they don't recognize the caller ID?

2011 was my best year yet and after doing this for 2 years I am ready to...

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