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objections Nov 01, 2018

Hi Danny,

I found the answer to "What does the position pay?" but what about after a candidate that has been through the interview process. He and I have spoken about compensation a few times (of course, he said $$ is not the motivator). He then decides to look on the internet and give me the average $$ for the "title" of the position. Example - he said - I just looked on salary.com and it says the median for this position is ........ thanks!

Danny's response:

You need to get used to this mantra: The difference between online salary surveys and the salaries companies pay is same as difference between Blogs and Journalism.

Within a few moments, I can set up a blog, and I am a blogger equal to all other bloggers. If I decide to start a rumor or want to air an opinion that is wholly based on fantasy or supposition I am free to do so. There are no standards, no checks and balances, no "proofreaders". Journalists must have multiple sources and credible evidence. Their editors will ask...

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