Big Bad Clients

marketing Oct 03, 2018

Hi Danny, 

I am trying to break into a large fortune 500 company. Whenever I contact them, I receive the “we are all set, but if we have a need we will call you.” You know the phone has not rung. Today I tried the MPC approach based on a current opening. Here is the response I received. “We appreciate you reaching out however, we do not accept blind submittals from third parties. If we need additional support filling the role, we will be sure to reach out to you at that time.” Just in case the phone doesn't ring tomorrow what would you recommend? 

Danny's response:

Rest assured the phone won’t be ringing today. Or any day soon…

What do I recommend? Take a breather from chasing this Trojan Horse and reflect with me. According to the SBA, small business is “the heart of the American Economy.” (small defined as employees from 0-500 and sales from 2.5 to 20 million ish) They account for 64% of all the new jobs. They create 46%...

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