I need help explaining how this business really works to newbies!

rookie Jul 17, 2018

Hi Danny,

I need some ammo for my newbies that think they can be massively successful in our business without making a lot of phone calls. I am having trouble convincing them that our worth, to our client, is based on finding the passive, local candidates rather than searching the internet. Please give me some strong language!

Danny's response,

Boy, did you pick the right day to submit this question. I just got out of a staff meeting where I kicked butt on this same subject. If your newbies could have been flies on the wall, they would have heard:

Our closing ratios have tripled. That is, we are sending out three times as many people as we used to in order to close a deal. Where are we getting the ones that turn down jobs and change their minds on whims and flat out use us to leverage other offers? The Internet. My people complain that I cannot be satisfied, that our sales are very high. But we are working way too hard for the amount of activity we have, and the slightest downturn...

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