The Squeeze Lover

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2018

Hi Danny: 

I have a candidate who my client loves. They interviewed them on a Wednesday and extended an offer the next day. 

The candidate likes the company and may be getting another offer from a competing company, but it hasn't come and the candidate thought it was coming today. The candidate is at $70k and needs to be at $80k to accept the job. This is due to a longer commute - an additional 30 minutes and her current company pays 100% of her health insurance premiums. The new company does not. I've shared with the client that the candidate would not accept anything less than $80k. They extended an offer of $75k. Prior to the offer being extended I told the candidate that the client is targeting someone at $70k and that I expected the offer to come in at $70k - $72k. 

The reason the candidate is moving is because she feels stagnant and lacking upward mobility. She believes the new company will provide her more upward mobility. 

Any suggestions on how I can...

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What is Going On and How Do We Stop It?

recruiter training Aug 21, 2018

Hi Danny: 

Just last week we had 2 accepted offers go south. And we have had offers not accepted. One took a counter offer after accepting and the other wanted a loan and to moonlight and the client was considering the loan but not the moonlighting. Any way to save? (It is too late now, but curious what we can do to avoid these challenges?) 


AccordingToDanny replies: 

As disheartening as it is to lose deals like this, try to remember what it was like when it was less candidate centric, when unemployment was 3 times as high as it is now, and clients had no interest in paying your fees. This market is hard, in its way, but it is a playground in the big picture. You’ll have more turndowns because candidates, according to a Marist Poll, overwhelmingly (84%) say they have no fear of losing their job and even less fear of getting another one. The chips on their shoulders are real and they are not going away soon. 

Without you giving me the details of the...

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Retainer Metrics

metrics Aug 13, 2018

Hi Danny,

What activities and metrics are average for retained search? We're a retained firm and so many of the metrics you track don't make sense for our model (i.e. Sendouts). Still, retained firms must track their productivity. What should we track and what are the averages in a good economy and in one such as this?


Danny's response,

About half of our work is also retained, and the only difference in metrics we allow for is the length of the process. The higher level jobs are going to take longer and usually have more meetings. (Flying in a spouse to look at real estate and schools, meeting the entire management team a second time, etc.) So we expect a sendout to placement range to be 25-33% longer. We also expect the presentation to send out ratio to be practically 100%, since neither you nor the company have any motivation to present or interview a candidate that is marginal. (Whereas in contingent, we often do so to protect ourselves). The makeup of a recruiter's "hot...

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Doing Time

ethics Aug 06, 2018

Hi Danny,

Hey Danny - what do you do when your candidate after my follow up who just passed the guarantee period with a Fortune 500 company tells you:

"Just between us…I am not really happy here. It's starting to feel a bit like prison… :( So if you have other similar positions I may consider moving in a few months. But not before you receive your bonus for this transaction. :) If you'd like, please give me a call tonight after 7pm, I will discuss with you in more detail."

My response was: "Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do for you - but to recommend for you to talk with your hiring manager about this after you give it a bit more time to see if things get better."

Anything else I should have done to cover it better?

Danny's Response,

While you handled this like a virtuoso from an ethical point of view, from a consultative, empathetic point of view, you were tone deaf.

He/she is not...

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Are The Basics Still the Basics?

recruiter training Jul 24, 2018

Hi Danny,

Danny, I have been a "follower" of yours for many years(I think I have some of your older training materials on papyrus). You are one of the few trainers/owners that have been in the thick of things over the last 15-20 years (maybe longer?) and have seen the impact of new technology on our industry such as the internet, email and job boards such as Monster. I was wondering, as you face a class of new recruiters now vs. facing a class of new recruiters 15-20 years ago, is there anything really fundamentally different that you would say to them about our industry or teach them differently? If so, please share that with me. If not, maybe things really have not changed that much and the "basics" are always the same. I would be interested in your comments not only from the perspective of how a recruiter spends his day now vs. then but also from the perspective of how a hiring manager might view our services now vs. then and from the perspective of how a candidate looking for a...

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Candidate Metrics

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2018

Hi Danny,

I'm a new recruiter, not responsible for getting job orders...but only to find qualified candidates to present to our clients.

In your numbers and goals section you have a ratio explaining how may marketing calls you need to make to get a job this the same number of candidate calls you feel you need to make to find qualified people that agree to be submitted?


Danny's response:

Your ratio of live connects should be, depending on your niche (data scientists have no phones at work, no cell, no connect), considerably better than the ration of live connects on a cold marketing call. But whether it is 25% better or 50% better depends on your methods.
When you are in a job board, where candidates are active, your call back ratio will be extremely high.

A LinkedIn List, once you have the phone numbers transposed, will be slightly higher than a marketing call, but you have the saturation factor to deal with.

A completely cold recruiting call will average about the...

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I need help explaining how this business really works to newbies!

rookie Jul 17, 2018

Hi Danny,

I need some ammo for my newbies that think they can be massively successful in our business without making a lot of phone calls. I am having trouble convincing them that our worth, to our client, is based on finding the passive, local candidates rather than searching the internet. Please give me some strong language!

Danny's response,

Boy, did you pick the right day to submit this question. I just got out of a staff meeting where I kicked butt on this same subject. If your newbies could have been flies on the wall, they would have heard:

Our closing ratios have tripled. That is, we are sending out three times as many people as we used to in order to close a deal. Where are we getting the ones that turn down jobs and change their minds on whims and flat out use us to leverage other offers? The Internet. My people complain that I cannot be satisfied, that our sales are very high. But we are working way too hard for the amount of activity we have, and the slightest downturn...

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Damn Youngins!!

recruiter training Jul 11, 2018

Hi Danny,

As you know we place technology sales guys just like you. Most of our clients want the exact same things. Someone that has sold the same or similar products to the same or similar customers with good stability and #'s to back them up.

So here's the question...How do we get our clients (VP's of Sales or RVP's that are Baby Boomers or Gen X types) who are hung up on stability to consider talking to these Millennials (since most want to hire young, hungry types) or candidates that have had what they consider too many jobs? The youngsters just don’t care about changes and a lot of good people were damaged from 2008 - 2012 by the down last recession which touched a lot of good people and was worse than most. I realize that a lot of these bouncers are damaged goods in our world but some of them are fee worthy. Many times if we can just get them in the hunt they can get the job. Can you help with some lingo to help us get the better ones considered when we submit them or...

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The Mystery of the Call

script Jun 26, 2018


This is the one we’ve been using for ages- we probably average 1 call back per 20-25 messages left.

“Hi__________. This is (my name). Your name came up at our executive team meeting and I’d like to discuss the possibility of doing some business together. Please give me a call xxx-xxx-xxxx. Again, this is (my name) at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to your call, ______.”

More recently, we gave another method a try and the results were horrendous even though the expert said it had an 80% response rate.

“Hi___________. This is (my name). Someone suggested we talk.
Do me a favor, when you call me back, please tell whoever answers to interrupt me no matter what I’m doing. You can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to speaking with you.”

We read through “What do I say in a Voicemail” and “Recruiting voicemail” and “Get colorful with your voicemail.” Our CEO is of the mindset to not mention we are...

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20 Commandments

basics calling email training Jun 21, 2018

Hey Danny,

What do you think of our 20 commandments?

1. Thou shall have a written plan every day.
2. Thou shall have 50+ dial outs every day (always a mix of marketing + recruiting calls).
3. Thou shall interview 10+ headhunted candidates every week (headhunted candidate = a candidate who is working, is not expecting your call and is only passively seeking a job – not on job boards).
4. Thou shall have at least 4 sendouts every week (16 for the month – either by presenting on active tested mandates OR securing interviews by doing MPC calls).
5. Thou shall get at least 2 job orders every week (8 for the month).
6. Thou shall use the script, role-play it every week and know their rebuttals.
7. Thou shall update CATS for any candidate / client activity (no commission paid on placed candidates who are not added or properly added to CATS).
8. Thou shall always test a job order within 1-2 business days after receiving it before flooding / covering it with 4 more sendouts (within 4-5...

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