....But He Called Me

ethics Oct 17, 2018

Hi Danny,

We are one of your clients and your material is the best I've ever seen. I have been in the IT recruiting business for 6 years and last year I generated 1MM in GM. Usually I am the one who answers the "rookie" questions in my office, but this time I'm stumped. I want to know what to do when a client (one of the IT managers who hires software developers from us) tells me that he wants to leave and he wants me to help him find a new job. This particular manager works for one of my biggest clients...we have several dozen managers at this client that hire people from us, so I don't want to ruin my relationship with my client, but at the same time, this manager is going to leave anyway. Also, I don't want to tell the manager that I can't help him, especially since he hates his job and I have another client that is 5 minutes from this guy's house who would probably love to hire him!

I'm stumped - what would you do?

Danny's response:

Man, is this ever delicate? I've been in the...

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Catch Up, Would You?

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2018

Hi Danny,

We are having issues across the board with clients not wanting to pay our candidates the going rate. Our clients haven't felt the shift in the market like we have. They still feel like they can pay pennies on the dollar!
How are you having your recruiters educate your clients on the shifting market?


Danny's response:

This is best done in the taking of the job order. Late in the job order. Give the client the sense this call is over, the heavy lifting done, all the relevant info has been shared, the requisite parrying over the fee and bonding between your personalities complete, “Okay, thanks for your time, I know you’re busy, I’ll let you go…”

“Uh, just one more thing.” Pause. Then, just to set the mood. “And if we can’t agree on this and you want to use another firm, I will totally understand, but I just can’t chance this after all the recent nightmares.”

Then shut up. Let them ask you what the...

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Big Bad Clients

marketing Oct 03, 2018

Hi Danny, 

I am trying to break into a large fortune 500 company. Whenever I contact them, I receive the “we are all set, but if we have a need we will call you.” You know the phone has not rung. Today I tried the MPC approach based on a current opening. Here is the response I received. “We appreciate you reaching out however, we do not accept blind submittals from third parties. If we need additional support filling the role, we will be sure to reach out to you at that time.” Just in case the phone doesn't ring tomorrow what would you recommend? 

Danny's response:

Rest assured the phone won’t be ringing today. Or any day soon…

What do I recommend? Take a breather from chasing this Trojan Horse and reflect with me. According to the SBA, small business is “the heart of the American Economy.” (small defined as employees from 0-500 and sales from 2.5 to 20 million ish) They account for 64% of all the new jobs. They create 46%...

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Candidate Passive

candidate management Sep 24, 2018

Hi Danny,

I want to have you walk me through something here. On the last couple of deals I have been working on, I have been finding I am not getting sufficient candidate commitment. Of course, in my defense, I am working with strictly passive candidates. Now I have another situation where I am not sensing I have good control on the situation. Working with a client - Great company, great benefits (401K + Pension matching at 11% fully vested in 2 years) then there's the job... WOW - this is an amazing job! It's all new technical development in the latest technology. A very well funded project - great political capital to boot! Dream job! Except- Location, Location, Location. This client is located in the middle of nowhere. The Chief Technology Leader knows this. He's done a good job getting a very well planned out project and he's seeking my help to find him talent.

I have found a candidate who is an excellent match and is in a degree of career pain. He's also very interested in the...

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After Action Reports

Hi Danny,

Ever heard of the term "After Action Report"? And have you ever created one for Job Orders (closed as well as lost)? Would be a great tool.

Danny's response:

Yesterday I heard a speaker say "co-create" four times in two minutes. It's clearly the new buzzword so he's in love with it, but after the fourth time, I went to the cafe to co create some coffee and Advil. Everyone calls the same things something different to escape the ennui.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "After Action", though it sounds vaguely like the Spectravision menus on the TV hotels, but we have always had Post Mortem meetings, where we go over deals that we won and more importantly deals that we lost, so we could glean patterns and issues. How did we get the candidate? What were their motivations for leaving and did they stay consistent? Was there a counter offer and how did we cover it? What was the negotiating like and how did we frame the close? It's a great way for other recruiters to live...

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50,000 Reasons To Present

recruiter training Sep 06, 2018

Hi Danny,

When should a decision to present a candidate turn on second-hand information?

I was arranging a candidate interview for my favorite client. Knowing that the candidate is as strong-willed as the woman he would be working alongside, I suggested that my client get her input before his sit-down with the candidate. The word came back that “he’s arrogant and a sexual harassment case waiting to happen.” Alrighty then. I give the candidate a plausible excuse for not going forward and I back away.

Today I get a call from an employer whose position is a great match for this candidate. “Arrogant” is a) in the eye of the beholder, and b) not such a bad thing for this particular employer. “Sexual harassment case waiting to happen” is something else. I have met the candidate briefly, and never in any situation that would let me judge this fairly. It’s second-hand, though from someone I know and respect (and placed in her current...

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The Squeeze Lover

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2018

Hi Danny: 

I have a candidate who my client loves. They interviewed them on a Wednesday and extended an offer the next day. 

The candidate likes the company and may be getting another offer from a competing company, but it hasn't come and the candidate thought it was coming today. The candidate is at $70k and needs to be at $80k to accept the job. This is due to a longer commute - an additional 30 minutes and her current company pays 100% of her health insurance premiums. The new company does not. I've shared with the client that the candidate would not accept anything less than $80k. They extended an offer of $75k. Prior to the offer being extended I told the candidate that the client is targeting someone at $70k and that I expected the offer to come in at $70k - $72k. 

The reason the candidate is moving is because she feels stagnant and lacking upward mobility. She believes the new company will provide her more upward mobility. 

Any suggestions on how I can...

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What is Going On and How Do We Stop It?

recruiter training Aug 21, 2018

Hi Danny: 

Just last week we had 2 accepted offers go south. And we have had offers not accepted. One took a counter offer after accepting and the other wanted a loan and to moonlight and the client was considering the loan but not the moonlighting. Any way to save? (It is too late now, but curious what we can do to avoid these challenges?) 


AccordingToDanny replies: 

As disheartening as it is to lose deals like this, try to remember what it was like when it was less candidate centric, when unemployment was 3 times as high as it is now, and clients had no interest in paying your fees. This market is hard, in its way, but it is a playground in the big picture. You’ll have more turndowns because candidates, according to a Marist Poll, overwhelmingly (84%) say they have no fear of losing their job and even less fear of getting another one. The chips on their shoulders are real and they are not going away soon. 

Without you giving me the details of the...

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Retainer Metrics

metrics Aug 13, 2018

Hi Danny,

What activities and metrics are average for retained search? We're a retained firm and so many of the metrics you track don't make sense for our model (i.e. Sendouts). Still, retained firms must track their productivity. What should we track and what are the averages in a good economy and in one such as this?


Danny's response,

About half of our work is also retained, and the only difference in metrics we allow for is the length of the process. The higher level jobs are going to take longer and usually have more meetings. (Flying in a spouse to look at real estate and schools, meeting the entire management team a second time, etc.) So we expect a sendout to placement range to be 25-33% longer. We also expect the presentation to send out ratio to be practically 100%, since neither you nor the company have any motivation to present or interview a candidate that is marginal. (Whereas in contingent, we often do so to protect ourselves). The makeup of a recruiter's "hot...

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Doing Time

ethics Aug 06, 2018

Hi Danny,

Hey Danny - what do you do when your candidate after my follow up who just passed the guarantee period with a Fortune 500 company tells you:

"Just between us…I am not really happy here. It's starting to feel a bit like prison… :( So if you have other similar positions I may consider moving in a few months. But not before you receive your bonus for this transaction. :) If you'd like, please give me a call tonight after 7pm, I will discuss with you in more detail."

My response was: "Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do for you - but to recommend for you to talk with your hiring manager about this after you give it a bit more time to see if things get better."

Anything else I should have done to cover it better?

Danny's Response,

While you handled this like a virtuoso from an ethical point of view, from a consultative, empathetic point of view, you were tone deaf.

He/she is not...

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